Average Doctors sallary by Country


Doctors play a crucial role in society, contributing to the well-being and health of individuals and communities. They are highly trained professionals who diagnose, treat, and prevent various medical conditions, helping people lead healthier and longer lives. Here are some key points to note about doctors:

  1. Medical Expertise: Doctors undergo extensive education and training, typically including a bachelor’s degree, followed by medical school and residency programs. This rigorous training equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and manage complex medical conditions.
  2. Patient Care: One of the primary responsibilities of doctors is to provide personalized care to patients. They examine patients, take medical histories, order diagnostic tests, and develop treatment plans tailored to individual needs.
  3. Diverse Specializations: Within the field of medicine, doctors can specialize in various areas such as pediatrics, cardiology, surgery, oncology, and many more. This specialization allows them to focus on specific medical conditions and provide specialized care.
  4. Preventive Medicine: Doctors also play a critical role in preventive medicine. They educate patients about healthy lifestyle choices, recommend vaccinations, and conduct regular check-ups to detect and address potential health issues before they become serious.
  5. Research and Innovation: Many doctors engage in medical research to advance knowledge in their fields and develop new treatments and therapies. Their research efforts contribute to ongoing improvements in healthcare.

Here is the list of average doctors sallary by country:

Switzerland – $388,623

United States – $316,000

Canada – $194,777

Germany – $183,000

United Kingdom – $138,000


Saudi Arabia – $133,320

China – $116,377

Japan – $115,092

France – $98,000

Italy – $70,000

Spain – $57,000

Poland – $52,548

Brazil – $47,000

Russia – $41,383

Indonesia – $25,685

Philippines – $23,864

Ukraine – $16,753

Mexico – $12,000

India – $11,581

Nigeria – $11,573

Pakistan – $8,708

Turkey – $8,452

Bangladesh – $7,054

Argentina – $5,280


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