Embassy of Sweden in Pakistan closed, hundreds of students are facing difficulties.


Due to the closure of the embassy, ​​students will face difficulties in applying for visas, the Foreign Office should take steps in this regard as soon as possible: text of the letter

The Embassy of Sweden in Pakistan has been closed for some time due to security reasons. More than 1000 students from all over the country have taken admission in Swedish universities for BS, MPhil and PhD while more than half of the students have also deposited their fees. It is very important to open the Swedish Embassy for interview and final visa processing.

In the letter, it is written that I request the students as a common citizen to play a personal role in the matter to destroy the embassy of Sweden in Pakistan. Due to the closure of the Swedish embassy, ​​it is causing immense difficulties for the students who have already been admitted to the Swedish university.

The session of the universities will start from August 2023 while it takes 4 months to process the visa application. E-mails written by the students to the Swedish Embassy have also not been adequately answered due to which the students are frustrated. Students’ time is very valuable and if the Swedish Embassy does not open within the next few weeks, students may not be able to apply for visas in time.

Due to non-application of visa, the admission of students to the university will suffer and their education will be affected. My request is to take personal interest in this matter and inform the Swedish Embassy in Pakistan as soon as possible. The opening of the Swedish embassy will end the problems of the students and will also improve the relations between the two countries.


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