Former prime minister deserves security according to his status: Islamabad High Court


The case of providing security to Imran Khan, the rules of security provided to former prime ministers are sought.In the Islamabad High Court, the case related to providing security to former Prime Minister Imran Khan was heard on the threatening statement of Federal Interior Minister Rana Sana.

Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Aamir Farooq heard the request of Imran Khan to provide security after Rana Sanaullah’s threatening statement. Representatives of the Ministry of Interior also appeared in the court.

During the hearing, the Chief Justice asked the court what and how much security is there for the former prime minister. Present the rules and then issue the order, the applicant is the former prime minister, what is the security law? On this, the Additional Attorney General said that there is section 17 related to the security of the Prime Minister, the court asked whether security has been provided to Imran Khan yet? The Additional Attorney General said that yes, Imran Khan has been given a bulletproof vehicle, security is a provincial matter after the 18th Amendment.

The representative of the Ministry of Interior told the court that security is provided, but the notification was supposed to be issued, it has not been done yet. Provided fool proof security to Imran Khan till he was in Islamabad.

Chief Justice Amir Farooq said that the former prime minister should get security according to his status, he should provide security according to the law, leave Lahore, tell Islamabad, it is not a big problem, whatever the law is. Yes, they should be submitted to the court.

Imran Khan’s lawyer Salman Safdar told the court that Imran Khan cannot appear in this case, on which the Chief Justice remarked that in this case, attendance is not necessary, it is a case of providing security. The Chief Justice asked that the petitioner is a former Prime Minister, what is the security law?

Additional Attorney General Munoor Iqbal Dogal told the court that adequate security will be provided. The law is that the security notification of the former prime minister will be issued through a special gazette. The Chief Justice inquired whether security has been provided yet. On which the Additional Attorney General said that a bulletproof vehicle has been provided to Imran Khan. After the 18th Amendment, security is a provincial matter.

The Chief Justice said to read the notification again. The Chief Justice remarked that there is an educated person in the Ministry of Interior. On this occasion, the representative of the Ministry of Interior appeared in the court. He told the court that life time security is given but the notification was supposed to be issued but it has not yet been issued. The federal government looks at the extent of Islamabad while the provinces look at the rest of the provinces.

Chief Justice Islamabad High Court directed the Additional Attorney General to set good examples. The court while seeking the security rules given to the former prime ministers remarked that they will issue appropriate orders when the rules are submitted.


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