Hassan Niazi handed over to police for two days


Ramna police captured Hassan Niazi on Monday on the charge of threatening and blocking cops from releasing their obligations.

The FIR was enrolled against Niazi on Walk 20 under Area 34 (criminal demonstration), 186 (hindrance in releasing authority task), 353 (attack on community workers), 427 (causing harms) and segment 506 ii (criminal terrorizing).

He was arrested after his pre-capture bail was affirmed in two different cases connected with viciousness on the appearance of Mr Khan in legal complex.

Hassan niazi captured by police

The police delivered him before the legal officer Abbas Shah and looked for his actual remand for seven days.

His direction read out the items in the FIR and said Niazi showed up under the watchful eye of the court and was leaving the legal complex when the police captured him.

He said Islamabad had been transformed into a police state and mentioned the legal judge to release Niazi from the case in light of a legitimate concern for equity.

Judge Abbas Shah anyway gave over his authority to the police for two days and guided them to deliver him again on Walk 23.

In the interim, ATC Judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan allowed actual remand of Siddique Jan and gave his care to the Counter-Psychological oppression Division (CTD) for one day.

He was captured on Monday on the grumbling of a police official over charge of blocking him in the release of his obligations.

Prior, the police guaranteed that he was captured over a video showing him provide guidance to the police for tossing teargas towards the legal complex. Be that as it may, no such video was accessible with the police when Jan was created under the steady gaze of the court.


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