Illegally abducted by FIA on the order of Rana Sanaullah: Azhar Mashwani


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader and Imran Khan’s focal person for social media Azhar Mashwani accused Rana Sana of kidnapping.

Azhar Mashwani had mysteriously disappeared in the past few days, PTI termed his disappearance as enforced disappearance and called for nationwide protests on Friday. On Friday, Azhar Mashwani reached home after eight days.

In the Lahore High Court, a hearing was held on the petitions filed regarding the recovery of Azhar Mashwani and the provision of FIR information. The police officer informed the court that Azhar Mashwani did not file an application regarding his enforced disappearance and its investigation in any police station after his recovery.

Justice Neelum inquired where is the police file related to Azhar Mashwani, the police officer replied that the investigating officer has appeared in the Magistrate’s Court regarding the case, where his statement has not been recorded yet, Justice Neelum inquired the police. How can we proceed with the case without the file?

Azhar Mishwani’s lawyer Azhar Siddiqui said that due to the intervention of the court, my client is present in the courtroom today, on this the judge called Azhar Mishwani to the restroom and inquired about the enforced disappearance.

Azhar Mashwani told the court that the people who detained me were wearing face masks and were telling their affiliation with FIA.

On the second request of Azhar Mashwani, the police officials informed the court that there is no case registered against Mashwani in Punjab and no case is being investigated, the court directed Azhar Mashwani to record his statement in the magistrate court after which The application was disposed of.

On reaching home, Azhar Mashwani said in a statement, Alhamdulillah, I have returned home safe and sound. Your prayers, efforts and support in these 8 days have made me indebted for life. Will break the fast with their families soon.



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