Inflation storm in the Country, overall rate 44.49% record


The unstoppable storm of inflation continues in the country, the overall rate of inflation has reached 44.49%, this week the rate of inflation has increased by 0.92%, according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, the prices of 27 basic necessities have increased this week. Inflation has increased further.

This week the highest increase was in the price of sugar, after one kilogram of sugar became expensive by Rs.14, it became Rs.123 per kg. Meat, potatoes, pulses, rice, milk, curd and eggs have become expensive this week. According to the statistics agency, the price of potatoes has increased by Rs 2.99 paise per kg, and beef became expensive by 5 rupees 15 paisa.

Onion became cheaper by 14 rupees, the price of tomato decreased by 13 rupees 15 paise in a week, domestic LPG cylinder became cheaper by 122 rupees 58 paise, the ongoing report of the Ministry of Finance last month showed the fear of further increase in inflation. was

The report said inflation is likely to increase in the country, due to the gap in demand and supply of basic goods, while the increase in the prices of petroleum products in recent weeks also increased inflation.

The report said that inflation may increase due to the effects of floods, but there is a possibility of a decrease in inflation at the end of the financial year.

The report of the Ministry of Finance said that the government is determined to successfully complete the IMF program, reducing the pressure on the foreign exchange reserves by controlling the current account deficit.

According to the report, remittances decreased by 10 percent from July to February, exports decreased by 9.7 percent and imports decreased by 21 percent in the 8 months of the fiscal year, current account deficit decreased by 68 percent in the 8 months of the fiscal year, and foreign investment decreased by 68 percent. There was a decrease of 40.4%.

According to the Ministry of Finance, on March 29, the foreign exchange reserves of the State Bank were 4 billion 76 million dollars and the dollar rate on March 29 was 283 rupees 92 paise.

The report states that FBR tax collections increased by 18.2 percent in 8 months while the budget deficit increased by 4 percent from July to February.


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