International media expressed concern over the shortage of medicines in Pakistan and the increase in prices


The international media has expressed concern over the treatment and medicines that are out of reach of the people as a result of the economic crisis in Pakistan.

According to the details, the international news agencies Daily Telegraph and Financial Times have published reports regarding the increase in the price of medicines and the shortage of basic medicines like insulin in Pakistan.

In these reports, diabetes is the cause of death in Pakistan and it is said that the worst economic crisis and rising inflation in Pakistan have made even life-saving medicines out of reach for patients.

The second report states that due to inflation and reduction in foreign exchange reserves, there is a shortage of imported medicines or raw materials in the country.

Senior journalist and analyst Kamran Khan, while sharing the clips of these news, said in his tweet that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto should have mercy on his Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Malik.

He further said that the major media organizations of the world are now reporting about the shortage of medicine and the high cost of medicine in Pakistan. In these reports, deaths are mentioned on the basis of the unavailability of insulin and the alarming increase in prices. Kamran Khan said that unlike Imran Khan’s government, Shahbaz Sharif’s government has received recognition in the international media only because of Pakistan’s ruined economy, widespread business problems, global isolation and Pakistan’s call for medicine.


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