Leonel Messi returns to FC Barcelona

Will Leo Messi return to FC Barcelona?

Reports coming that Leo Messi is returning to his former club FC Barcelona as his contract is expiring this year with Paris Saint German.

In March, Barça sent La Liga a plan to sign Messi. La Liga have disallowed some points. Barça will RETURN with another proposal. La Liga believe Messi has already agreed to a return. Internally, the marketing team is already working ▪︎La Liga has already started working on presenting the images of Messi across the world via Gerard Romero.

While a well known football reporter Catalunya Radio confirmed that Barcelona president Mr. Laporte sent a letter to UEFA & FIFA yesterday to allow the club to defend them on financial fairplay.

Barcelona Managing Director Mateu Alemay said that ‘we do our thing, Leo Messi is in Paris but in the future you never know. Nobody can question the love he recieve here in Barcelona. He is the best player in history’.

Luis Mascaro also reported that Barcelona is trying to make a revolution in team specially in the attack phase.Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski: “Messi belongs to Barça and if he comes back it will be something incredible. We know that his place is here in Barcelona. I don’t know what will happen, but I hope that next season we can play together.” Messi who won the FIFA WC last year played in Qatar and recently broke the record of his rival Cristiano Ronaldo for most Club Goals Scored in Europe still wants to play competitive football despite offered a heavy income from All Hilal Club.

Messi also talked with Xavi about his future as

Messi often tells Xavi that he wants to come back to Barça. They both have conversations about the team, the games and the atmosphere in the dressing room. In these conversations, a very large desire regarding a return comes from Leo himself. [ Via: Laia Tudel Prades & Ramon Salmurri ]


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