Pakistan is the most expensive country of south asia: Asian Development Bank


Asian Development Bank (ADB) has declared Pakistan as the most expensive country in South Asia in one of its reports.

According to the details, ADB issued a report based on the economic and economic situation of South Asian countries, in which it is said that Pakistan ranks first among South Asian countries in terms of inflation. The average rate is 27.5%.

According to ADB, the second number in this list is Sri Lanka, a recently bankrupt country, where the average inflation rate is 24.4 percent, Afghanistan, a country embroiled in wars for decades, is the third most expensive country in South Asia, where the inflation rate is 13.0 percent. 8 percent.

According to the Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh is fourth with an average inflation rate of 8.7%, Nepal is fifth with 7.4%, Bhutan is sixth with 5.5%, and the neighboring country India with an average inflation rate of 5% is in the list of the most expensive South Asian countries. It is in the seventh place.


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