Pakistan’s Economic situation is heading towards destruction: Atif Mian


International economist Atif Mian has described the economic situation of Pakistan is going towards destruction instead of a crisis.

According to the report of the news agency, Atif Mian expressed serious concern about the economic situation of Pakistan in one of his statements and said that the Pakistani economic system is becoming uncontrollable, inflation and deficit due to large-scale hiding of currency in the country. The increase is increasing.

He further said that the pace of development in Pakistan is decreasing rapidly and prices are increasing rapidly, due to foolish economic policies, the economic productivity of Pakistan has been badly affected.10 Billion Dollars Foreign capital is required.

Atif Mian said that the current figures are proof of my statement of poor policies of January, the selfishness of politicians and power struggles have brought Pakistan to the brink of destruction, reducing the current account deficit gap by administrative measures and reducing imports can be done.


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