Quetta court grants bail to ‘Hassaan Niazi’


Niazi, the nephew of PTI Director Imran Khan, was captured recently in Islamabad on charges of threatening and hindering cops from releasing their obligations. He was subsequently given over to Quetta police on one-day fleeting remand after a body of evidence was documented against him at Air terminal Police headquarters.

The Quetta police registered an FIR against PTI leaders including Niazi under sections 109 (abetment), 147 (rioting), 149 (unlawful assembly), 153 (inciting to riot) and 347 (wrongful restraint) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

Today, Niazi was introduced before Officer Jamil Ahmed by the police.

Toward the beginning of the meeting, Niazi recorded his declaration under the watchful eye of the court, saying: “My shortcoming is that I am Imran Khan’s legitimate consultant and I work with him, for that reason I’m being designated.”

In this way, the adjudicator supported Niazi’s bail against a guarantee obligation of Rs 100,000.

The court likewise dismissed the police’s solicitation for a five-day actual remand.

Afterward, PTI pioneer Farrukh Habib, in a tweet, mourned that Niazi was confined for a situation where he was not even named.

“Unmistakable legal counselor Hassan Niazi was captured in Quetta for a situation in which he was not so much as a named suspect. Notwithstanding, today an adjudicator in Quetta supported his bail in a similar case,” Farrukh tweeted while lamenting that the legal counselor of such a height was confronting tyranny and unlawfulness.

On Thursday, the Islamabad court dismissed the solicitation of the capital’s Ramna Police to broaden Niazi’s actual remand for the situation enrolled against him on Walk 20.

The case in Ramna police headquarters was recorded on the objection of Aide Sub-Auditor Khuban Shah under areas 34 (normal expectation), 186 (blocking community worker in release of public capabilities), 324 (endeavored murder), 353 (attack or criminal power to prevent local official from release of his obligation), 427 (wickedness causing harm adding up to Rs50) and 506(2) (criminal terrorizing) of the PPC.

The FIR claimed that the police had attempted to stop Niazi’s vehicle however the driver attempted to run them over. It expressed that after being halted, Niazi got out of the vehicle, obnoxiously manhandled the police and took steps to shoot them.


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