The government is considering removing an official from the IMF who refuses to make false statements


Dunya News correspondent Hasan Raza has revealed that the government has started considering the replacement of the most senior bureaucrat who denied making false statements to the IMF, for which four names are being consulted. Speaking exclusively to Duniya Vlog, senior journalist Hasan Raza revealed that the situation is getting more complicated with the IMF affairs in the federal. This senior bureaucrat holds a key position during the negotiations with the IM. The federal government is upset with this bureaucrat and preparations are underway to replace him with a new officer.

Hassan Raza said that the position of this senior officer is that whatever the IMF’s demands and conditions are, they should be fully implemented. The IMF should not be misrepresented or lied to by making fake reports. Cannot give to IMF, this issue was discussed in a meeting 2 weeks ago after which Ishaq Dar started searching for a new officer after consulting Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

He said that one of the four officers has apologized for refusing to work with Ishaq Dar in the current situation and other officers are also not willing to work in this position.


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