The government wants whoever speaks against it to be eliminated, Saad Rasool


Analyst Saad Rasool has said that there is a dictatorial impression in this government that anyone who speaks against us should be eliminated.

In a special discussion in Dunya News program “Dissent Note”, Saad Rasool said that demanding the resignation of the Chief Justice is like saying that at one time 75 percent of the people of this country who believe that elections should be held, the Prime Minister of all of them. Resign from, or ask NADRA to cancel the citizenship of these people.

Saad Rasool said that then the remaining 25 percent of people should be taken and run the country, one of them should be made Chief Justice, one should be made Prime Minister, and these people should hold meetings among themselves, the same people should speak and the same people should listen.

He further said that the idea of ​​minusing the opponent is dictatorial, and minusing such that if there is a political opponent, he should be shot at the container or disqualified, if there is an opponent in the state institution, he should resign, the attitude of this government. It is that those who are speaking against it should be eliminated instead of arguing or persuading them.

Saad Rasool said that I pray for the government’s attitude based on the wishes of a woman sitting in Raiwind and an elderly man sitting in London, that 80-90 percent of the people in this country should be strangled, their tongues should be stopped, in state institutions. Those who are found should go home, so that a stand emerges in the country and it moves forward.


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