Wahab Riaz responds to criticism on Babar Azam


In light of the issue encompassing Babar Azam and Shoaib Akhtar’s remarks about his English language abilities, Pakistan pacer Wahab Riaz expressed that Pakistanis will generally have an inclination for things that are not theirs, in any event, when they have their own.

In an elite meeting with Cricket Pakistan, Wahab talks about the significance of Urdu as it is the public language of Pakistan, yet additionally backs individuals to learn English for information reason.
“We are a perplexing sort of individuals, in that sense, we tend to favor what isn’t our own as opposed to what is our own. For example, regardless of whether we have a telephone, we will generally like another person’s telephone more. It is critical to appreciate the utilization of English language overall for correspondence, however Urdu is the public language of Pakistan,” he said.

“In this way, in the event that somebody poses an inquiry in English, whether it be a question and answer session or post-match gathering, there is compelling reason should be timid to reply in Urdu, as it is our public language. Then again, acquiring information and figuring out how to communicate in English is important, yet on the off chance that one can’t talk it easily, talking in Urdu has no effect,” he finished up.
Barely any months back, Akhtar, has pummeled Azam’s relational abilities in a meeting with a nearby Station.

Previous cricketer said that ongoing cricketers should be media canny, to additional their image picture.

“Cricket is one work and taking care of media is another work. In the event that you can’t speak, I’m unfortunately you will not have the option to put yourself out there on the television,” Akhtar said.

“I need to straightforwardly say this that Babar Azam ought to be the greatest brand of Pakistan, however why he hasn’t turned into the greatest brand in Pakistan? Since he can’t talk,” he added.


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