Political unrest in Country

Political unrest in Punjab and KPK



Raoon Jamali

Political Unrest in country demands Political and Contitutional Solutution.

What will be the future of Punjab? How will this political and constitutional crisis over? What necessary steps should be taken? Punjab Assembly Elections are scheduled to be held on 14 of May this year but the question is will they held or not. Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered Election Commission to carry on election on 30 April, but EC postponed the Elections till October due to financial crisis in the country. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf rushed toward to Supreme Court due to disobedience of Constitution and Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Famous Lawyer Barrister Ali Zafar appear to court for PTI side while Irfan Qadir was a Govt correspondent on the matter.On the third hearing, Supreme Court summons to Secretary of Finance, Secretary of ECP and Governor of State Bank. State Bank told the court that the country have reserves of almost 1400 Billions while total expenses on election is just 21 Billion.

Supreme Court lashes the ECP to held elections on 14 May and ordered State Bank to release money required for election to solve the political crisis ASAP.

On the other side federal government refused to follow the order of Supreme Court as they want Full Bench to make the decision.

Remember that PTI dissolved both KPK and Punjab assembly and the interim government came in both the provinces. While election in KPK are yet to be announced as KPK Governer hasn’t given the date of election schedule, seems like this matter will also go to Supreme Court.


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